Used Food Processing Equipment UK

There are many benefits as to why customers and the general public are choosing used food processing equipment as opposed to brand new. One of the biggest considerations when deciding on what used food processing equipment to purchase is usually cost. It is said that used food processing equipment can be bought on average up to anywhere from 40% to 80% cheaper compared to buying brand new food processing machinery. This is a significant cost saving and appeals to customers who are particularly cost concious and realise that pre-used food processing equipment can be just as good as buying a brand new machine. Small food producing and pastry producing businesses are especially renowned for opting to use food processing machinery that is not brand new.

There are many manufacturers of food processing equipment. Some of the most popular food processing brands are Rondo, IQF, Cattabriga and Packo to name just a few, they tend to dominate the market. Each company produces many ranges from pastry cutting and filling machines to specific and specialist equipment more suited for large commercial customers. These popular brands offer quality food processing machines that can make a range of bread doughs such as filo or flat breads. Also there are many small businesses that produce world foods that often opt for Rondo machines as they are ideal processing machines for producing samosas, chapatis or pancakes. Furthermore, to help produce a consistent product there are pre-used food processing machines which can weigh and wrap food items to help complete the baking process.
Finally, let’s not forget traditional pre-used meat pie processing machines which are popular and high in demand. Pie machines produced by well known manufaturers have solid reputations and their machines have the capabilities to produce traditional chip shop style pies to large sized pies.