Granite or Marble?

Many homeowners are unclear if you should choose granite or marble for uses in their residence. These components is often observed in locations like bathrooms and kitchens and each provides its own exclusive characteristics. So, how are you to know which option is the best choice? Let us require a quick look at several of the qualities of each and every natural stone in addition to a number of potential downsides. You can then make the best selection probable.


Looks will always be a vital concern. With this category, granite is definitely the more functional selection. There are a variety of several grains, patterns and colours offered. These could match different design needs. Marble is often only accessible in grey, white or beige. Nevertheless, this could be much better for people who wish a “clean” appearance in just a particular place. Granite is likewise seen to screen a high-gloss complete when marble tends to be a lttle bit duller because of its better porosity. When choosing upon granite or marble, these attributes ought to be taken into account.

Toughness and Routine maintenance

We need to initially note that both these gemstones are porous. So, any spills should be wiped up quickly to avoid potential discolouration. Marble is definitely the gentler of the two materials and that could current a problem in locations where it is actually likely to resist a significant amount of tear and wear (such as a foyer). A sealant must be placed on any marble types of surface at least 2 times annually to provide a obstacle against damage.

Granite or marble are exceptional alternatives for those who are trying to have a ageless addition to their residence. As both are similarly priced, the main decisions will normally revolve around the location as well as how much abuse the surfaces are expected to endure over the years.